Poetry: Shailey Bellamkonda

Shailey Bellamkonda
Iris in Spring

My friends and I eagerly wait
In our seats by the window
The beginning of spring
Is the best show

The foggy hazy curtains parted
The warm sun rays are on the Koels
They sang to each other “It is good to meet,
The winter made me feel I would never tweet.”

Here came Hera, dancing, first gently
Then twisted and twirled rapidly
Oh Pity, didn’t last long, the dancer stood still
Always there everywhere around us, yet invisible 

The white floaties appeared on the stage
Resembling cotton flowers blown up huge
Relaxed and light, after losing weight of vapor
In slo-mo, with blur edge, each like a ghostly creature

The spotlight shifted and stopped at the center,
Aah! here are the heroes of my play
With a bunch of these, when your love enter
Eyes lit, lips wide, with joy your heart surely sway

Unto the horizon, my heroes stretched beyond my sight
With the green companions swaying along by the side
Oh, end of mild and dawn of joy just a dream last night
Still with the sight of white Iris, I opened my eyes wide


The Dancing Stage

The dancers align 
All red birds with golden crests

They twirl and bend and glide, like god’s own beam
If not for their red robes, they might well be swans
The drums and violin join the stream
A gentle melody in sight and sound like the summer dawns

And slowly, the music profound
With the dancers beating the air

Their rhythm fierce like the devil on fire
Their eyes gleam with the flames of the heart
High tide on full moon night match the joy they sire
They twirl and bow with a final beat


Sticky Notes for a Dear One

You have been through dark hours
And it’s about time to lookout for the sun;
It’s up to you whether you sleep through the dawn
Because you’ve stayed awake through night 
Or to show some grit and meet the light!

Don’t burn the rest of your life and throw it away
There will always be the garbage man
who will come take the garbage;
The question is whether you make him 
put his hand in all that muck
Or make it easier for him 
by not throwing your life in the trash!

Don’t apologize to the person who advised you for good
They will not be angry for disagreement;
They will be angry for apologizing and not mean it; 
Later you will have none to apologize to but yourself.


Do Not Leave Me

I feel a downpour of love showering on me
This love is so beautiful it hurts

Drenched I am
Do not let me dry!

A smile blooms on your face, prettier than the flower
My heart, light and sweet, full with nectar

You are a snowflake, Frozen yet Tender
Fallen from nowhere, White and Pure

I hold you in my hand
Do not leave me wet!


BIO: Shailey Bellamkonda is 15 year old High School student, from Hyderabad, India. 

Shailey has been writing stories and poetry since the age of 8 years and her short stories got published in online literary magazines such as Amazing Kids, Teen Ink, The Wise Owl.  

She enjoys writing both Fiction and Poetry; for her, content chooses the form and goes by the words as they form in and flow out of her. Her poetry reflects her love for Nature and respect for Humanity. Her works in prose encompass all genres, from Romance to Horror to Drama to Fantasy but all have human relationships and fundamental emotions, like love, fear, jealousy, anger are at their center.

Besides Writing, Reading and Academic Studies, Shailey plays piano, paints and enjoys old time regional film music. She is also a travel vlogger.

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