SPIRIT OF EYE - Online Digital Art Show by Meena Chopra

Saturday FEB 11, 2023
Canada - 10AM
India - 8:30PM

Organized by Arts On The Credit
For registration contact here:
Facebook link for details:  https://fb.me/e/2onlJQq7e?mibextid=N4tvPT

"The eyes are eternally vigilant as a part of us that beholds the universe and defines our place in it. Symbolically representing seeing and light, and therefore consciousness itself. It is knowledge, awareness and wisdom. The eye takes in light, the pure energy of the universe, and presents it to the inner spirit. They are the gateway between the self and the cosmos. Eyes interpret light, through them we're dealing with a greater vision, illumination, enlightenment, understanding and even our concept of reality”. Eyes deal with perception. The eye is a channel or a passageway into a new dimension”.
The eye is an archetypal image which stretches back many thousands of years in human history. It appears again and again in myths, sculptures, engravings, and even in modern paintings in cultures across the world and throughout history.

Eyes wear the wings of time to fly beyond the cry of human desires, reveries and the realities, penetrating the boundaries of the visible universe into the invisible realms”.

Paintings in this show are digital. For most of them I have used Photoshop to create them. In some cases I have used some other packages to bring out the desired effect. Few of the paintings are digitized manipulation of my earlier works. I have used the image of my own eye in many of them.

-Meena Chopra Artist/Author

Meena Chopra is an internationally renowned award winning fine artist & poet.. Meena has exhibited her art widely in many countries. Her art is in the collections of many private art collectors, government organizations, hotels, Indian embassies etc. She has authored many poetry and art books and co-authored anthologies. Her poetry is published widely in many literary journals and anthologies. She writes both in English and her native language Hindi. As an artist-educator, she advocates collaborative experience between the visual arts and other art forms in order to give the audience a vibrant artistic experience thereby “bringing diverse cultures together through arts and literature”.

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