Love in the time of plague

Pramila Khadun

Pramila Khadun

Buddha says that all composite things
Are perishable and we should strive
For our liberation with diligence.

In the days of the plague, Covid-19
Where nations at large suffered and many still suffering,
Scientists still struggling to find the perfect vaccine,
People are continuing to lose dear ones
And the ecoes of their cries
Are clearly heard in distant shores.

Every sunset knows a sunrise
And every end of the tunnel knows light.
Maybe humanity will see light
After wilting and withering in terrains
Hot and dry without a ray of hope.

Amidst this marathon task of survival,
Humanity's inner self, re-engineered,
Revolutionized, realized the meaing of love,
Where all men are brothers
And man is higher than what he thinks.
Our perceived differences are evaporating
We are coming to the conclusion
That love is that binding force 
Which unites us all under the same umbrella.

Bio: Pramila Khadun is a poetess and writer from the Republic of Mauritius, Indian Ocean. To her credit, she has eleven books, eight of which are poetry collections. She has contributed widely in many international magazines and anthologies.In 2015, she won the Reuel International prize for excellence in writing and literature. In February 2023, she won the Ravindranath international poetry contest where she stood in the second place. In December 2022, she was awarded The Africa Women Leaders  award by World Leadership Congress and awards. 

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