Hema Ravi

Love in the time of plague: Hema Ravi

Behavior of the heart defies the intellect,
scientific studies continue to baffle. 
Mystery of the ‘virgin birth’ demystified. 
Daddy revealed after spotting the tiny 
‘loophole of a few millimeters;
discovered in the ‘partition board’ separating
the female gibbon’s cage and the ‘display area’
where the ‘male’ was temporarily housed. 
More baffling is the theory
that animals remain monogamous
in order to ensure offspring 
have better chances of surviving to maturity.
Golden Oriole

The chemistry of human love complex, powerful
and emotional revolves around
fondness, liking, infatuation, lust, and pure love
that impacts relationships in unique ways. 

Love, devoid of ‘social conditioning,’
strengthens the bonding among humans
trapped in materialistic comforts
and poverty of emotions.

Love in its purest form transcends physical intimacy,
intense passion and commitment for progeny.
Plague, Pandemic, Pollution fades into oblivion
Such love is Pristine – blasts off, travels
faster than light and sound,
impregnates and breeds ‘pure love.’

Note: After reading a newspaper report about “Monkey Miracle” in Kujukushima Zoo & Botanical Garden, Nagasaki, Japan.

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