Steve Anc (Western Voices 2023)

Bio: Steve Anc is the son of Ajuzie Nwaorisa, a Nigerian poet. He is a poet with searching knowledge and deep meditation on universal themes. He is quite a modern poet in his adherence to language and his use of metaphor is soul-searching.

How I wooed the moon

They said none could woo the moon.
But mine was a different strategy:
I met her when her mind was open...
When she wore neither sleep nor slumber,
And spoke through the holes in her skin.

They said none could talk to the moon.
But mine was a different one: 
I went with flax flowers and forget me not...
When she wore a smile in a pinky dress,
And splashed them before her steps.

They said none could please the moon.
But mine was different:
I went to her with a slim cup...
With neither pride nor pretense,
Also, rob off my ego on my way,
And filled my gut with splashes of solemnity and solace.

They finally announced none could marry the moon.
But mine was a slim and a sincere approach:
I went to her a whole being—
When she wore her light ears and crystal eyes
And soaked into her soul from the cracks in her eyes. 

My prayers: points from poetic perspective

Oh, Creator!
Bless souls of gentle birth.
Bake kindness for the kind-hearted.
Advocate protection to the crushed.
Blow a trumpet-like breakthrough to the broken.
And lift many from crimson menacing flames.

Bless men of gentle spirit,
May your high hands elevate them
With constant light and dynamite,
That their grains may multiply,
And their supply may be more.

Reach out to the starving children,
Stitch up their tattered bellies.
Reach out to the willing hearts,
Give strength to their dragging feet.
Round diligent heads with stable crowns,
And bless their shores with clean sea.

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