Tekisui RC (Western Voices 2023)

Bio: Tekisui RC is a poet currently based in Kozhikode, India. He writes under his pseudonym M.A.Ramachandran as well. Tekisui' s poetry has appeared in Stripes Literary Magazine, Rat's Ass Review, Too Well Away Literary Journal, Arc Magazine and elsewhere. Additionally his poems have been published in three anthologies.


That mango blossomed
cashew green hillside
whence the way to school
and the way back was sorrow

at night the evil spirits
frequented the mud wall hut
and they kept you away 
from the wind and night birds

morning sunshine on the yellows
in the backyard was pain

years rolled by leaving you
there in the deserted street
and as usual by the sea your love
was a midnight sob of years


a wild creeper
with violet flowers
sketches something
on the blank paper
in the dark

someone watches
a boat faraway
on the sea
in the morning mist


the sorrow
of these years
into the smile
of a little girl
who is waving
her hand
at a stranger
as her train
is leaving
the station
on an afternoon
in winter

1 comment :

  1. These sometimes feel like Pound's short piece about the subway. Gorgeous.


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