Art and Poetry: Sangeeta Gupta

Sangeeta Gupta
On Nature

Who am I to the sea?
Who am I to the wind?
Who am I to the earth? 
Who am I to the sky?
Who am I to the darkness?
Who am I to the light?
Do I belong here?
Whom do I belong to?
Do I matter to the universe?
Do I belong to the universe?

Waiting for the answers
since my existence.
I am not restless
for the answers
but I do want to know my reality.
Yet I also know that
answers lie in
the womb of the questions
if the questions emanate
from within
the answers are within too. 
Wait for them
when the urge to know
will become insanely unbearable
you will know
meanwhile grow
your urge to know.


Blue butterflies pour
from the sky
on the glowing green flowers
blooming the earth 
stars glitter in
a stream of white jasmines
Insanely drunk with
their fragrance
clouds laden with laughter
pour blue pearls
little kids on the street
hungry forever
soak themselves
in content so rare
and go off to sleep peacefully
In the ocean of gold
filled with tiny dewdrops
playful fishes dance
passionately in the stark desert
in the dream house
a window thinks
it is alive and tries
to sing lullaby to the doors
all is real
all is possible
in an artist's magical world
with the stroke of a brush
he creates his own universe. 

On Earth

I am not alone
earth like a toddler
is always in my arms
she has been terminally ill
had almost given up on me
I took her for granted
thought she is mine forever
and here she was ready to leave
without  even saying goodbye
a sudden knock of death
on my door warning me that
it will be coming back sooner
than I realise
it also said that stay in
if you come outdoors
I will get you by the throat
take your breath away
alarmed I ran to earth for solace
but was shocked to find her
shattered and lifeless
ready to go
I beg of her to stay back
and promised her
to love her like never before
second chances are so rare
she is generous and loving
I am trying my best
to make her know
that I care
I sing lullaby to her
she sleeps in my sleep
and she sings and
dances in my dreams
finally both are healed
I have learnt to love and share
words flow out of my soul
I heard the bulbul in my balcony
singing some songs of the Earth 
I laughed from the heart in years
I don't know how she sings my words. 

SANGEETA GUPTA:  Poet, artist and film maker   

Delhi based bilingual poet Sangeeta Gupta has 25 published books to her credit, it includes a collection of short stories and 14 anthologies of poems in Hindi. Ten of her books of poems are translated in German, Greek, Mandarin, English Bangla, Dogri, Tamil and Urdu.

She also has held 36 solo exhibitions of her paintings and has directed, shot and scripted 30 documentary films, seven of them are in the collection of Library of Congress, Washington.

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