Swapna Behera
A   midnight agreement of peace

In the dusky corner of the globe sleeps a seed 
a jerk, a crack, layers of crumpled cells alienated
to decipher the midnight agenda of peace
two leaves will come out
to touch the sky piercing 
toxic ether, five elements,
toxic relationship or toxic digital footsteps 
roots will go down to reach the legacy of love
the silent agreement on the soil
are the leaves safe? 
Wake up dear all 
a poet needs a paper
a student needs a life skill 
a granny needs a support system 
a baby in the refugee camp needs milk
where is the story teller?
The little plant coronates in sync with the heart
never knows who is ready to be a martyr for peace 
as peace is a sojourn journey and not the destination
eternal rhythm dances from the courtyard to the graveyard…. 

When peace speaks…

When peace speaks silently
the whole world listens
the audacity fills each hungry stomach.
When peace sings
the soldier writes the resolution 
no wreaths: no blood shed
the lost languages fill the dictum of themes.

When peace commands
each bomb cell dies 
to resurrect as a holy basil. 

When virgin eyes of peace look
values become classical songs
the stars announce the Anthem of liberty.

When peace stands on the traffic square 
ethics march forward 
towards the goal crossing all boundaries. 


Swapna Behera is a trilingual poet, translator, eco activist, peace ambassador, educationist, editor from Odisha and author of seven books of different genres including one on children’s literature and environment. She is the recipient of International Ugadi award 2019, honoured from Gujarat Sahitya Akademi 2022, 2021, Honoured Poet of India from Seychelles Government and International awards from Algeria, Morocco, Kajhakhstan, modern Arabic Literary Renaissance of Egypt, Argentina etc. Her poem A NIGHT IN THE REFUGEE CAMP is translated into 67 languages. At present she is also the Cultural Ambassador for India and South Asia of Inner Child Press USA.

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