Gandhi, a Living Legend (Gandhian Philosophy)

Sushmindarieet Kaur
An enlightened persona
A selfless being
Altruistic, self-effacing and magnanimous;
Crafted and fashioned of ideals only
Extraordinaire! And nothing else.
He is known to all as Father of the Nation, 
But can be called The Nation himself.
Even today, Contemporaneous.
An admirable one! Exemplary!

A lean fellow but a sturdy one, 
Who demonstrated, communicated, imparted and instilled
 the messages of non-violence, morality and ethics,
Through precept, moving along the lines himself,
A legend in himself, he did all what he preached and a role-model absolutely.

While going through his philosophies of life, I discovered him to be a philosopher; 
His non-violence, His penancing himself for the sake of his pupils,
His Simple life and High ideals and his fragile body but strong determination;
His sacrifices for the people of our nation,
His weaving the cloth and His wearing only Khadi 
Teaching his own children among other students in the same school and punishing them too.
Standing on a pedestal, a permanent pedestal which is stable and can never be shaken away.

Bio: Sushmindarieet Kaur is an Associate Professor &, Head P.G. Department of English, G.G.N. Khalsa College, Ludhiana, Punjab. M.Phil in Anthropological Linguistics and Ph.D. in Indian English Literature, she has recently brought out collections of poetry under the titles “Voices From Within” and “The Tapestry of Heartstrings”; besides editing ten books, she translated “Sikh Soldiers in Italy: Second World War”. 
  She is the Editor of the poetry section of INNSAEI, editor of the Punjabi section of “MatruAkshar”, Deputy Chief Editor of LITERARY JOURNAL of AESTHETICS and Associate Editor of UGC Care-listed, Peer Reviewed Journal LITERARY VOICE. 

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  1. There are people whose very remembrance is a tribute to them. Gandhi is one of them. Sushmindarjeet Kaur has paid a wholesome tribute to the father of the Indian nation.


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