The Mahatma (Gandhian Philosophy)

Geethanjali Dilip
Like the embrace of a Mother, 
Skin to skin securing the comfort of her child, 
A fabric that carries the warmth of such a love unconditional, 
That knows to protect from the biting cold and the burning heat of a peninsular sun, 
She insulates knowing that her child would weather every alien storm that hits the threshold of her beautiful home, 
Such is the fabric that has seen the blood and the pain of suppression, 
That dipped itself in the sunrise and sunset of every morn, 

The green of swaying fields of a youthful motherland, 
The white of equanimity a mother achieves with millions of her children, 
And bony but sturdy hands that spun the fluff off a blackened clay, 
Drapes the homeland with threads that are woven with the patriotism, 
Of his purpose of having appeared in this ancient land, 
daring, forthright, truthful, peaceful and forgiving, 
His birth that remains a legend as he shines a beacon in dark October skies, 
As the wheel of time spins with his eternal spirit of a free country, 
The epitome of democracy, this my land, 
His resolve of non-violence that brought home a mother alienated once. 

He led denizens with his words priceless,
Only to utter the words "Hey Ram" in his last breath, 
As bullets etched a martyrdom in his destiny!
Bio: Professor of French, heading Zone Francofone, in Salem, India, poet by passion, Geethanjali Dilip’s published books include, « Geethatmaa , Song of the Soul » , “ Hansa Geetham- Song of the Celestial Swan”, “ Poetry Voice- Geeth Dhvani”, «  Soul Riff «  - Atmatarang «, “ Rosée-The Dewdrop “,  with good reviews. Recipient of prestigious awards, she curates Yercaud Poetry Festival, since 2018, believing that poetry connects the world.

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