Poem: Kuldhara

Apurba Bhuyan
(The sorry tale of a haunted village in Jaisalmer)

- Apurba Bhuyan

Where the villagers have gone
Centuries have passed
The deserted huts falling around
Ghastly air murmuring 
Scratching the distorted walls of stone

It was the end of thirteenth century
The migrated priests of Pali settled here
Excavated Udhansar stepwell, that was worthy
Harvested the dry fields
With the grace of rivulet Kakni
They paved a road of glory

Kuldhara priests of Pali
Worshiped Goddess for prosperity
But rains dwindled with drought 
Kakni dried-up
Villagers nearby started to flee

For six long centuries a few Kuldhari struggled
There was no rain but scorching sun, that troubled
Alarming was the atrocities of Diwan Salim all at once
As on the pretext of waiving crop-share
He forced to marry the preacher’s daughter

The Villagers did not bow
But on that dejected night, they disappeared
Where they have gone
Were they immolated themselves cursing-
“No one can live here, no one can capture the lands”
And the scary nights are haunting Kuldhara till date.

Bio: Apurba Bhuyan is professionally an engineer and presently serving as a senior executive in a prominent oil and gas exploration company in India. He has keen interest in literature. Building his roots as an Assamese poet and writer, he also writes in Hindi and English. His five books of poetry and two books of stories have been published so far. Few of his representative works in Hindi can be accessed in Indian online editions "Kavita kosh Hindi" and "Gadya kosh Hindi".
e-mail ID: bhuyana7@gmail.com

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