Poetry: Nivedita Roy

Nivedita Roy
Ode to summery laziness

Art thou a vice?
Why can’t you be life’s slice?
You are not high in price!
Yet you add that missing spice

Agility is declared your adversary
Though  you are it’s sanctuary
Is this debate necessary?
Being lazy is out of the ordinary

In languorous moments
I find solace
It’s my refuge in moments
So Heartless

Quill displays its vigour
It shines in its quiver
You provide the sacred ‘me time’
By and  by the words turn sublime

So are you synonymous to listlessness?
To some, it is  the culmination of liveliness

Why can’t you be life’s slice?
Why can’t you be the soothing voice?
Where we find our real calling
And dive in oceans enthralling

The summer sun

The stubborn sun rays filtered through the meshed window
Setting by a soft alarm for the day to begin
With no intentions of waking up, the day rubbed his sleepy  eyes
Lingering a bit longer at the horizon
Reprimanding the sun for its timing
Depriving the rest hour to the nouveau clan of nocturnal humans
Sleep deprived, tired, facing depression
And then the day tenderly looked at the construction site
The skinny mother of a bony child
Had just closed her tired eyes
The nurse in the hospital had just dozed off
After her charge had screamed in pain the night throughout
How can the sun be so ruthless!
Can it not delay the rising regardless?
It’s dainty pirouetting rays sneak into the snoozing rooms
Even the meshed windows fail to check the shining gloom
The day connived with the sky as one
They manipulated and shrouded the sun

And then the realization dawned on the day
He needs to be the one to be awake
His awakening raises the human kind
To find and  fund their lives beyond the night blinds.

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