The Morning of Mingling: Meghna Kaul

Meghna Kaul
Brushing aside a nearly escaped tear
her feet led to a door that invited the arrival of a new day
her heart almost skipped a beat
the infant cosmos seemed to blink
Will he, or won’t he?
She closed her eyes in prayer
there she found him staring
shyly she took the narrow lane and seemed to be tickled
the grassy path touched almost
untrodden region of her heart
impatient at the expectation of her arrival
 the blooms began to dance
sweeping her off her feet
Among the trees, a raised mound was their rendezvous
the rose chuckled hiding behind the bushes
“Oh! she is coming”
the flowing fountain slid with joy
the mesmerizing fall 
of water on water
here fell the pansy, there gushed the fall
Toasting to sun for the beautiful morning
the jasmine and gardenia indole setting her heart on fire
walking along the hedge, the meandering maze of emotion 
the chirping of sparrow 
brought elation
was it a sound faraway coming near and near?
from the corner of her glazed eyes
she saw a figure coming down the grassy yard
pushing aside the Madhumalti*, hiding his visage
she gazed and gazed drinking the beauty gulp by gulp
her feet sank in the moist clay of the dewy morning
did she envision for surreal it seemed
or it was a dream within a dream?

Madhumalti = Rangoon Creeper vine (combretum indicum)

Bio: Meghna is a teacher by profession, loves to read and write. She composes poems and writes short stories. She loves to write on nature and celebrates the simplicity of life. She has written reports and articles for TOI. She is currently residing in Lucknow.

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