Poetry by Tapeshwar Prasad Yadav

Tapeshwar Prasad Yadav


How much muscles
I weigh to my understanding
The cure to my bony wish
I always lag behind in opting
An extra beat of my heart

What stands truly as branches
With leaves sucking up light rays
The stretching of handful prayers
I always seluth those parched leaves
That falls down like forgotten waves

Whom are they catching up in flights
In the night of forest gloom
The firebeetles glowing glands
I always keep an extra wing
To fix my broken nights


Buy some lovely dreams
for those stony eyes
Warming inside the mound;
that the war has ended long
Buy some clinks
for those widowed hands
Flickering a hope;
that the agonies have ended long
Buy some smiles
for those parched lips
Wishpering soft hymns;
that the bells are ringging on spires
Buy some humble glance
on those wrinkle cheeks
telling ages of her sons;
that cries a birth anew


Must not we draw
a simple art
to fading eyes
pervading all attention
Poverty needs
bare breast
and cracked feet
to own their tears in pain
Let us not rush
In pedantic overflow
Heeding none
To sell our pen with an ink
Let us not sting
Prodding our knowledge
Spurring moments
Have but one chance to loose
Must not we entourage
Our sweet thoughts
to gain an understanding
into those woeful eyes