Poems by Brian Walker

Brian Walker

1) This Lingering Heart

My heart grinds to a halt today, why?
Because my dearest you have left me
my one hope of being alive is gone forever…

I now stare out of this plate glass prison
where isolation is my sole enemy, but -
He is my only friend throughout the long lingering days

I have no need for food, for food only consoles the need that…
You’re no longer with me, and I want to die a thousand torments.
My god, if only I could be punished like Prometheus for my sins?

I would readily suffer his fate tenfold in this life to know
there could be a hope you may return to me with your smile.

A dream I know, as I alone, took your life away that dreadful night...


2) Days Together

Warm sun, bright scene
colours focused in full intensity
brought to life by loving you
sun shining through outstretched oak leaves
flashing and exploding in brilliant hue above your head.

A touch of your hand like fire
our bodies molded in quiet joy
above a skylark calls
and the wind caresses the trees

Underground the streams of love
tumble and fall into a secret place
not to be found again.

Heads pressed to the ground
searching for a day’s emotion now lost.
Crouched under umbrellas
earth getting wetter by the minute
only a minute before the sun had burst through
to smile at us.

Of days in the rain
terrified bird unable to fly -
Of rain seeping through cracks and clothes
of love and joy...

And of parting -
looks heavy with emotion
tears springing from deep wells
harder each time
unable to stop those tears
that make rivers down faces of sorrow…


3) Times Square

It’s six o’clock in the morning
and I have nowhere to hide my dreams.
The moon shares a joke with me,
       I don’t find him funny any more…

Yellow taxi flies past me,
      back seat quarry bleary eyed
wish I could switch for a lifetime!

If I had a gun I could count the bullets
before the number of times my case closed…

It’s six o’clock in the morning
and my dreams have nowhere to hide.
So I’ll just throw them away
till the next lifetime…


4) Invisible Son 

You were never there when I needed you
     When I cried out for loving
All I came home to was an empty shell
    With only a shadow for a Mother

    The Father I never knew
          Didn't exist,
He was extinguished from my life
          Before my birth,
And before the umbilical cord
         Was ever severed...

But you should have cared
Should have shown some emotion
  To your youngest son, instead
 When I cried out for loving
  You hid in the shadows

I could have been in a Russian Gulag
My only crime...that being born, or
Even in a German Concentration Camp
My penance, that being your son

Yet, even as you lay there dying
Your body eaten away with cancerous cells
Did you hold out a loving hand...No
Your dying breath was for another
     I looked on at the scene
It reminded me of a Shakespearean play

I walked away, saying the Lord’s prayer!


5) Opalescent World

As the rain came down
my tears flowed…
like a musical note in motion
emanating a heartbeat
with each smile you stole -

And with your hand held out
I grasped hold of your warmth
as your tenderness flowed through me -

There, once more we were one.
Like drifting embers downstream
with nature we came together
as I stole a secret kiss -

You took my soul – then...

I pulled you into my opalescent world -
Where we both became whole again