Poetry - Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Lovely Deepawali

Rows of diyas* smile
Deepawali’s beauty
again shines
In the darkness
the diffused light
is a soothing contrast,
a symbol of mysticism
of the Divine
In the bright light
dissolve |
all turmoil
thoughts all-negative
beliefs all-illusive
In my soul
a profound call
lines of hope
true knowledge
A new beginning!

diya* (Sanskrit: Deepak, or Deep) = A traditional earthen oil lamp from India

Bright Night’s Advice

On this bright
*Deepawali’s night
some love gone, lost
has come back to me
“Lovely, mesmerizing night” I ask
“Hasn’t my logic rejected
this love so unpractical,
So, why does he
keep walking to and fro
in my mind again?”
“Listen dearest poetess”
whispers the bright night
“Some forms of love
on physical plane
can’t be explained
So, let go of
your stubbornness
your Amazonian ego
Un-frame Love!
Some lovers are healers
Some for eons have operated
at higher soul energies
So, you can’t fight
them back
with lame mundane
closed perception

*Deepawali = Hindu festival of lights; a Sanskrit word, meaning: Row of lamps

Fly, fly!

Learn to fly higher
in deeper skies
Never deny it,
Never underestimate it
Please embrace the union
with the true twinflame.
My eyes rest on
the confident, steady diyas
An enlightened image
of my twinflame captures me
Now my mind dwells
in perfect calmness.

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