Edit: Magical figure of 3,00,000

Sunil Sharma
February edition is here.

It is no different from the earlier ones---each issue, a signature collection of fine writing and visual art from all the corners of the world, curated by two editors from USA and India, for those with refined tastes in things cultural.

And this stream of visitors to the site.

The footfalls are on the rise.

A reassuring sign.

The presence is being registered dramatically and the base of loyal regulars is expanding.

In the current month, Setu has reached a critical milestone. The 3,00,000 page hits recorded in a cluttered space; a remarkable feat by any standards; a summit scaled! A magical figure confirming the appeal of the bilingual e-zine, mainly literary, liberal and secular in its orientation, in a divided world raising walls around and about everything; a frightening development in the collective history of human civilization.

At such time, Setu holds the beacon of hope.

The numbers prove it.

The traffic is amazing!

Almost spectacular!

In fact, it is a moment of sheer ecstasy for a journal that started its tentative journey from Pittsburgh, USA, in June of the year 2016. And it is still ongoing. Evolving, on the way up. Getting globally noticed by the authors and viewers alike.

This higher stage could happen due to the combined readership of Hindi and English. Your patronage has made it possible, dear reader, and we remain thankful for that lavish attention and love.

This recognition is more than compensation of any kind!

The greater visibility of the journal is equally due to the continual support by the writers and artists of high caliber and we remain indebted to them for their trust and affection. It is multi-national club of creative minds that prefer to write for us and thus enhance the overall value of the product.

In a way, it is their achievement.

The intertwined segments of serious readers and writers---or, is it other way round? ---propel the onward journey of any literary project. We are lucky to have such a big groundswell of support for this humble venture.

Given such an increasing fund of global goodwill, we again pledge to serve you well in coming months, with redoubled enthusiasm, dedication and motivation.

Any changes? New columns?

Any other idea?

Please do write in and let us know your valued opinions.

Please, enjoy the spread!
Sunil Sharma,
Setu, English


  1. It is really heartening to see the way 'Setu' has flourished in a brief time span of less than two years.
    True to its name it has already embarked upon the process of creating bridges – bridges of communication, creativity and understanding between readers and writers, as also between lovers of creative work in India and US, and elsewhere too. Moreover, the idea to have this kind of effort in two major languages simultaneously is a gigantic task and the editorial teams in both languages deserve an applause. In a world torn by strife and conflicts of all sorts such an effort to bring minds together is the only alternative, and is laudable.

    I wish the journal all the best in times to come. To express my feeling better in this context allow me to quote:

    Beyond words and meanings,
    Are lost, in the misty horizon
    Countless summits
    Laden with new meanings.
    - G M Muktibodh [Translated from Hindi]

  2. Congratulations .. @ Anna Maria Tvpm


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