Luz María López (Puerto Rico)

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Luz María López 
Luz María López  ( Puerto Rico)
She is Clustering Executive Director at World Festival of Poetry (WFP)
Luz María López is a writer of poetry, narrative, essays, translator, editor and activist from Puerto Rico. Her poetry books are issued in Spanish and English. Editor in chief of “Voces Poéticas de Nuevo Siglo”, international poetry anthology in Spanish (Kafla, 2016); Assistant editor of “XXI Century Literature Book” (Kafla, 2016). Her poems have been translated to Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Catalan, Bangla. She also contributes with essays about feminine topics which are published in journals, newspapers and magazines. Luz María has participated in Poetry Festivals in Colombia, Mexico, Ghana, Turkey, Spain, India and Bangladesh and Puerto Rico. She is recipient of three literary awards: Kathak Literary Award, Dhaka International Poets Summit, Bangladesh 2017; Shaan-E-Adab “Glory of Literature” by Kafla Intercontinental, Udaipur, India 2016; Universal Inspirational Poet, by Pentasi B, Accra, Ghana, 2016. She is Clustering Executive Director at World Festival of Poetry (WFP) and leads the World Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights (WM); Board Member of the International Writers Association IWA-BOGDANI; Poets of the World; Director for Spain and Puerto Rico at World Nation Writer's Union; President for Spain and Puerto Rico at Writers Capital Foundation; Board of Directors Member at Soflay Literary Foundation; International Parliament of Writers from Colombia - Ambassador to Puerto Rico; Editor at Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” Literary Magazine; International Book Fair “Eugenio María de Hostos” in Puerto Rico - Organizing Committee Member.


dance with me to the beat of love
where a memory hangs over a cloud
and whispers secrets to the night
calling to the moon to look at us
naked bodies on the sand
romancing a lurid waltz
turning all silence into passionate cry
tongues sealing our salt
twirls of flesh tied in one
ancient desires blushing anew
on the warm carpet of tiny crystal roses
bathed by tropical waves
lucid dreams romancing the mind
where only you can conceive
the power of your gravity
taking over all my fire
until finally subdued
into pulsing

Your Eyes

morning roses
the warmness of their passion
metaphors spelled within my lips
the sweetest delirium
ten thousand birds
singing in my heart

only roses!

your eyes…!

Lapsus Calami

Strange pleasure
to challenge emotions
throw them to the wind
erratic - ardent
unsheltering the narrowness
glass exorcisms
to smile
- inaudibly -
the benevolent certainty
digging the chest
nurturing new roots
migrants - throbbing
to conceive an oblivion
snatching from
the rapt time
its dead
to open the door
praise other fires
grow in them.


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