Poem: The Scourge of War

- Yash Tiwari 

(Currently studying in 12th standard in Kanpur.)

I was late for the duty,
That was to be performed.
My family, my citizen,
The people were to be informed.
Informed about the slaughterers,
Who were coming to our despair.
Who were coming to harm us,
And break us beyond repair.

I remember a room,
They used to call it my cell.
A prison I was taken to,
Which turned out to be hell.
They tortured us beyond imagination,
And had horrifying tasks for us to do.
They terrorised us with questions,
Which we had no answer to.

I saw the children that were half my age,
Were being beaten down to the ground.
I saw the blood staining the walls and floor,
And in this hell, humanity was nowhere to be found.
I remember the burning the cigarette,
That they pressed against my chest.
We the prisoners became the toys that they could torture,
And hardly had we got any rest.

They made us harm our inmates and friends,
And got us overburdened with sins.
They made us beat the others to death,
As corpses were piled up near the bins.
“Either me, or him”, I said to myself,
As I choked my friend with a rope.
The one given by the incharge were unimaginably cruel,
And there was not a shred of hope.

In the “hospital”, as they called it,
We were tied up to our beds.
Cruelty and torture was all that they offered,
But we were provided with neither food, nor any meds.
A place that was supposed to heal us,
Fragmented us even more.
They slit us open, and let us rot,
And that shook me to the core.

I escaped somehow, and when I reached my village,
I was shocked to my utter despair,
When I saw the bombs blast through the streets,
And humanity was broken beyond repair.
They were either coming to kill us all, or put us in the hell,
Where their heinous acts were performed.
I wanted to run far away, but then I told myself that,
“My family, my citizen and my people must be informed”.

(This poem is about the horrendous and heart-wrecking condition of innocent prisoners and civilians in war torn countries like Syria and Iran)

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  1. प्रियदर्शिनीJanuary 1, 2019 at 1:57 AM

    युद्ध कि विभीषिका को चित्रित करती कविता , शानदार अभिव्यक्ति। ख़ूब।


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