विडियो: एमबीबीएस दीक्षांत समारोह


Directed by - Dr. Rutuja Wankhade, Dr. Kunal Chaudhari, Dr. Chetan Patil
Written by - Dr. Kunal Marathe, Dr. Tanvi Patil
Cinematography - Dr. Akshat Dwivedi, Dr. Siddhi Shanbaag, Dr. Chiranjivee Gharde

EDITING - Dr. Chiranjivee Gharde

Actors (according to appearance)

Dr. Harshita mishra  voiceover
Dr.Aniruddha Phadke  voiceover

Dr.Snehal Gholap
Dr.Siddhi shanbaug
Dr.Shivani Kshatriya
Dr. Ashwini Chanda-Rajput
Dr. Tanvi Kamat
Dr. Anshika Agarwal
Dr.Piyusha Yenkure
Dr.Ashwini Nagda
Dr.Prajakta More
Dr.Urvashi Jain
Dr.Shilpa Barhate
Dr. Sneha More
Dr. Frenali Godhani
Dr. Armaandeep singh Aulakh
Dr. Akshay More
Dr. Sushmit Adhya
Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
Dr. Aditi kaushal
Dr. Sushmita Acharya-Bharti
Dr. Nikhil Karwande
Dr.Rohan hajare
Dr. Harshad Ramineni
Dr.Amogh Pathak
Dr.Gayatri Mule
Dr.Sargam Kant
Dr.Shivraj Tagare
Dr.Mrudula bhoir
Dr.Rasika Bhamre
Dr.Janhavi Thakare
Dr.Roshni Cheema
Dr. Sumiran Parmar
Dr.Isha Pasari
Dr. Sahil Langde.
Dr.Parth gada
Dr.Ashish Agrawal
Dr. Aditya Moruskar
Dr. Chetan Patil
Dr.Kunal Chaudhari
Dr.Gokul Rakh
Dr.Kunal marathe
Dr.Nisarg Momale
Dr.Pratap Lendal
Dr.Pranav Shere
Dr.Chiranjeevee Gharde

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