Jubbah My Brother Where Are You?: Two Specular Events in Two Days!

Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

- Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

The sun beams over the horizon as the fog fades from its rising heat.  Leaves on the ground were as still as a grave.  Grasshoppers and ants were the only ones making hay with the rise of the shining sun as they hustled along. There was no wind blowing and it was dry and hot. The leaves on the trees were not stirring, and the crickets were silent. This was an unusual rising for a jungle with many wild life forms.
In a nearby hustling village, Jubbah, a native son, prepared for the final moment of truth.  He is to become a man today.  As he visualized the events, sharpened his spears, checked the flex in his bow, counted his arrows, and oiled the knife he carried on his right side.  He estimated he would only need one spear and one arrow for the event as he prepared for the day.  Manhood awaits him before the sun sets. This was his day, and his intentions are to take every existing advantage available to him.
With the first crowing of the red rooster in the village square, Jubbah departed his room and moved past the cheering villagers.  He waved goodbye and departed the limits of the village with much jubilation and anticipation.   He estimated going through a valley, crossing one river, and stealthily moving into a second valley.  There, he would find, his prize, a tiger.  He would stalk his prey, obtain victory with one spear and one arrow, then returned home with his prize.  His vision and mission were carved in stone.  He mentally brainstormed the sequencing of events for the anticipated fight from his vantage point, as he moved stealthy along a trail in the jungle.
The bottom of his feet created a new path among the dampened leaves and branches. He waved farewell to his friends and family members who were standing along the trail outside the village to see him.  They touched his skin as he passed and poured Magenta Water for good luck over his body, thus, giving him their blessings.  As he departed, members of a tracking team prepared to travel approximately 30-minutes behind him.  They were for his protection if he needs help and to assist him with bringing back the prize of his hunt.  They waited patiently, and then followed his tracks like a hawk.  They knew his steps because they had made the journey for others before.  They were familiar with possible outcomes and prepared themselves. However, this day was destined to be different.
Jubbah reflected on his childhood, his parents, and siblings as he clears the first valley without any problems and approached the river.  His older brother had made the journey before.  There was a clearing before the river.  It was like the jungle suddenly opened up without any covering.  He approached cautiously, with his eyes scanning the area for signs of danger.  This was a good crossing point for the river.  There were no water snakes, alligators, crocodiles, or piranhas making this river their habitat.  He had nothing to fear from this river unlike others.  He felt safe at the moment.  His next move was to cross the river and slipped into the next valley to face his prey. The river was his only obstacle to achieving his manhood.
As he approached, an unknown figure stepped out of the jungle and moved toward him.  “Who is that?” He wondered. The person wore strange clothing, looked different, had on
a hat, had straight hair, and a clear completion.
“What is he doing here?” Jubbah wondered.  Suddenly his heart started to race like the river as the strange figure walked toward him.  Jubbah changed direction of travel. Suddenly, another figure appeared out of the woods and moved in his direction.
“I supposed they are guarding the river,” Jubbah thought. He figured, he would try the hunt another day, and turned around to head back home.
Upon turning around, his path was cut off by another person dressed the same.  He ran toward the jungle and they gave chase.  As he entered the jungle, he felt something heavy falling around him.  It was a net set as a trap. Suddenly, he was pressed to the ground against his will.  He struggled to free himself and felt a hard blow on his head.  He desperately fought back without success.  They tied his hands behind his back, flexed his legs backward, and tied them to his hands with a rope.  He lost conscioness thereafter. The rope was made of strong unbreakable material to avoid warriors from escaping by tearing the rope apart with their strength.
Suddenly, he was awakened when a splash of cold water hits his face.  Upon opening his eyes, he saw a strange man with a bucket in his hands speaking in a different tongue.  He looked around and saw other strange men dressed in odd clothing.  He could not figure out what they were saying.  He had a yoke secured around his neck and chains around his ankles.  He was dragged to his feet by two men and shoved in a direction of travel with the others in line.  He had no idea what was taking place, where he was going, and the fate which awaits him.
Meanwhile, his brother, and the villagers waited for his return. It was also getting late. The trackers returned and stated they saw strange foot prints along the trail, broken limbs and scattered leaves as if a struggle had taken place. Finally, words came from another village that many people were dragged off by strange looking men and Jubbah was one of them. His brother along with the villagers watched the sunset for his return as they contemplated and visualized the journey of freedom to find and liberate Jubbah from these men upon the rising sun—thus, completing a spectacular event by the end of the next day! The following is emblematic and symbolic of the evening’ events:

The Rising Sun

As the golden sun’s ray breaks the dawn
The African lion stretches and yawns
Fog diminishing with the first light
Moon resting as sleep takes flight
Where is my brother Jubbah tonight?

I watched the horizon since the moon
Searching the landscape with gloom
Waiting patiently for sight of his return
Listening to others makes my stomach turn
For Jubbah my brother the fire burns.

Today was his day for achieving manhood
The warrior’s way of seeing it though
Where could he be? I am now really blue
Realizing his return will make me new.

I will watch the sunset on the horizon
My hunt begins with its rays in the morn
I heard strange men have grabbed you
Jubbah my brother if you only knew
The day will not end without finding you.


  1. Thank you, my dear friends and editors, for your gracious consideration of publishing of my flash fiction and poem piece in your bilingual, and peered-reviewed Journal of Literature, Arts, and Culture. I am very inspired by your esteemed thoughts and find it very motivating. My continued submissions will be foremost. Blessings always!

    Joseph S. Spence, Sr
    Poet, Author, and Writer

  2. Human trafficking is such a tragedy, and you've expertly penned the emotions of those left behind in their concern and sadness. Great write, Joseph.

    1. Thank you my dear friend for your awesome comment. The pain and suffering left behind with the family result heart-rending turmoil. People around the world ought to rise up, join hand together and string to erase this global monster from the face of God's earth. Thanks again and blessings always!

  3. Jubbah the autocthonous boy, Jubbah who aspires for manhood today, is captivated by odd men in odd clothes and who speak in alien tongue!
    beautiful, emotionally charged story and narrative is superb. I scent its smell.
    And the poem"The Rising Sun" so nicely complements the story.
    "Where is my brother Jubbah tonight?" its melody and the pains it bears is simply amazing. There is the tale, there is the teller's dexterous handling of the super narrative. I am lost and transported to the land of Jubbah.

    1. Thank you my brother. It took me over a year to write the story and the poem. Diligence really paid off with the proper timing in the end. The poem came before the story ends. I was out walking one day when it snapped right into my mind. I'm writing some more for posting on this site. I also like your narrations which I have reviewed with a smile. They are wonderful and inspiring. Blessings!

  4. it is a beautiful and emotionally charged story , Jubbah my brother where are you ? the tale is amazing and the teller too. Narrative is superb. And there is a melody of sadness that shatters my heart. Great story and greatly unfolded with your labour of love. Stay blessed.

    1. This is very wonderful review my brother. I like the way the comment is phrased. You have done a great and inspiring job. I’m looking forward to reading some more of your stories. Blessings always!

  5. Oh my gosh, Joseph,

    I haven't heard from you in years though I did try contacting you. Maybe your email changed. What a creative composite of prose and poetry. So good to see you here. I'm glad to have shared this April issue with you.



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