Poems by Aaliya Mushtaq Baba

Aaliya Mushtaq Baba

Blaring voices mock my name
Should I scream louder to be heard?
Or tap the ground beneath my feet
To tell them that these beats are different
From pots and pans colliding in the kitchen.

Careful with pronouncing words correctly!
You see,
The tricky business of teaching English!
They say the stress in WoMan falls on the Man
I sense animosity between the rise and fall of intonation.

Maybe I shouldn't look at the language so keenly?
Be it, if I am looked at as the invader of 'spaces'!

I talk of literature...
Jeering voices can’t speak on their own
They invoke giant-dead-authors
From all genres, across languages
(Laughing as if possessed)
To render me into a ghost!


Routine died!
All people in the world
Assembled for its funeral
(Anxious what they must do next)
They stayed longer,
Ever liberated crowd
Rather was confused,
Sky looked threatened...
Just then some strange looking woman made a suggestion:
"This is the right time for the metaphysical protest"
Her brother sought an apology, for she was a lunatic.
By then, the message had gone viral on internet...
Though priests couldn't speak on this!
Some revolutionaries came forward to explain...
A metaphysical protest on the death of routine,
Would be a desperate cry for God to show up!
(This was their only chance before death)

Routine came alive out of the coffin!
And all alarm bells rang!
People dispersed!
Rushing in different directions!
And the only chance, hence lost!


Will you meet me in winter
When all kindness in me,
Must have frozen.
And, my feminine tenderness
Is shrunk upon my brows!

Will you meet me in winter
And receive my metal words,
Without a shield.
And, gaze deep into the shadows
Of my haunted summer!

Will you meet me in winter
And read my poetry,
To mine own silent eyes.
And, make a wish
To stay for all seasons!


  1. That's why I always keep on saying that Kashmir University teaches you wrong words. They don't do it merely with "woMan" . They say it's "Natshay" , "MiLick" , "BeLatt" , Dosto-Wisky" , "Kaa-Muss".... Plz don't somebody teach them "Graa-Marr" also!!!!!!!

  2. Make a wish to stay for all seasonsi... Wow

  3. 'Those beats are different..' that hit me like anything!commendable!


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