Wakefield Literature Festival: A mini report: Louis Kastakin

The explicit stated aim of #WakeyLit19 is to put locally based authors and poets at the centre of the lit fest. And that the primary aim and purpose of a lit. fest bearing the name of the host city, is to firstly promote wider public awareness of locally based authors and poets.
Unless someone, somewhere knows any different, clearly Wakefield -its elected representatives and relevant Council departments and officials ought to adopt a positive, pro-active strategy of an on-going, enhanced promotion of local authors and poets across its libraries, schools and the city’s leading cultural venues.
The putative Wakefield Literature Festival aka Wakefield Lit Fest 2019 rebranded as #WakeyLit19 held its media launch on September 2nd at Destiny Christian Church, with guest of honour, the Mayor of Wakefield, Cllr. Charlie Keith.

The undoubted jewel in the crown of the week long, unfunded grassroots organised #WakeyLit19 was the series of Writers’ Showcase events hosted at the Mocca Moocho cafe which featured a strong line-up of locally connected Authors from a broad range of literary genres:-
Joanne Brandon, Sarah Connell, Sue Featherstone, Dale Brendan Hyde, Barbara Phipps, Stephen Place and Neil White.
None of whom had ever been invited to take part in the now, moribund and defunct predecessor Wakefield Literature Festival.
#WakeyLit19 received practical support and expressions of solidarity from many well-wishers.
And despite some relatively minor hiccups in the week,#WakeyLit19 most definitely “flew”, on schedule and to budget; which of course was £0.00.

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