Poetry by Hema Ravi


Autumn leaves are fallin' down, protest
with a crackling rustle as I step over 'em;
the foliage, devoid of leafy crowns
still exhibit charm; a nest offers
tell-tale signs of the avian family
that'd sought comfort, departed
to warmer lands without any misgivings.

As effervescent optimists, the erect pines
are hardy survivors amidst all odds;
a leafy maple makes its descent
after a forceful wind nudges it,
soon, another descends; one more.....
a floral carpet in shades of amber, ochre,
and more... in proximity with their bosom pals.

With his Blow Vac the maintenance person'll
soon be there,
they'll have to part and move on!

On the sidewalk, dense, green shrubs
with blossoming buds aplenty.
I spot that pristine white-
the evergreen rose, next to
the rhododendrons
that have bloomed in the November sun.

It's endearing smile is infectious; spring in step,
I move along, with renewed hope.


Bidding adieu to loved ones is not pleasant
especially, if it is to your grandchild;
At this phase of life, that smile - the best present!

Weekends came and went, with workload always piled
Youthful days spent in earning the daily bread
Forever stressed out, I hardly ever smiled.

My better-half proved to be the binding thread
Being around them and me when we needed
Wonder how she managed all, I’d have long fled!

I admit that I’ve been cold and conceited
Consoling myself that ‘it was all for them’
I don’t want my story to be repeated….

His child's dear; as babe born in Brindavan (am)
Her gurgling laughter - she is a priceless gem!

Evergreen Rose in Bellevue, WA (Photo Courtesy: RAVI N.) 

Rhododenderon in Bellevue, WA (Photo Courtesy: RAVI N.)

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