Poetry: Linda Imbler

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Building something
and fearing it might fall apart
is not the right attitude.
Start being excited about
what will stand up.

When the ball is in your court,
make your best decisions.

Thoughts rising as dispassionate temples,
roofs placed atop edifices that give purpose.

Throw your hat into the bustle of life.

Do not stand alone and still because of granite pride.

Dream’s Garden

Dip beneath the whirring birds.
Accept the shine as polished silver
that scatters the light
like woven sunbeams.
Remember your purpose.
You have your house to build.
Learn all that you are capable of,
and remember that worm becomes butterfly.

My True Self

If memory was lost to me,
what kind of person would I be?
A joker or a mischief maker?
One whose condition appears sad?
Or one whose lips show glad?
Surely not a security taker,
Whose manners stand unrefined?
No, let my heart be unconfined,
and always, let me, please, be kind.

Spectrum Of Mood

Light switch
Happy bright
Pale cold sunset
Behind a curtain of lies

Heavy mind
Hatred’s backbite
Deepest, darkest night
Chant the sun to rise

Mocking sunbeams
Wasted dreams
Writers’ blasphemes
Frozen poets’ screams

Keats is dead
No longer read
Quills’ feathers’ spread
Inky blackness bled

Quiver of the balance
Ramped up talents
Meet mood’s challenge
Drunk from hope’s chalice

Light switch
Happy bright…

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