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Anurag Sharma
Dear friends,

Thanks again for tremendous support provide by you to Setu. With 750 authors, 4,100 articles, 1,250,501 unique hits, two literary festivals, 90 issues, and nine published books so far, Setu's reader base is increasing everyday. Our presence is being felt in literary circles of English and Hindi alike. Setu is being listed on literary directories and aggregators, CommonwealthWriters.Org being the latest one to join the league. Here is a short list:
As promised earlier, Setu is proudly presenting a novel "She Spoke in Tongues" authored by Glory Sasikala, a well known author and editor of GloMag India. "She Spoke in Tongues" is available worldwide in print and ebook formats on Amazon. Just like other Setu books, ebook format of this one is also available free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Moreover, many printed copies are available at an introductory promotional price for Setu readers in India through an arrangement between Setu, GloMag, and the author. I am glad to announce that "She Spoke in Tongues" is now available on Amazon in both, paperback and ebook formats.

अनुरागी मन कथा संग्रह :: लेखक: अनुराग शर्मा
I also wanted you to know that we are also going to run two special promotions on Kindle where Hindi ebook Anuragi Mann (award winning short fiction authored by Anurag Sharma) will be available for free from Thursday, March 5, 2020, 12:00 AM PST to Monday, March 9, 2020, 11:59 PM PST. This promotion will be followed by free ebook of Ps-Fs:  Prompts and Fictions (by Sunil Sharma). which will be available for free from Thursday, March 19, 2020 to Monday, March 23, 2020

Ps-Fs :: Sunil Sharma
Please check out these two and many other Satu books online at and
Please note that all Setu ebooks are always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I am glad to announce that another novel "Orange Dawn" by American author John Clark Smith and published by Setu will be coming soon in a bookstore near you. This will be followed by a collection of English poetry by an eminent poet from USA. More details will be provided soon. Please keep looking for more Setu books.

In this issue we are introducing Deepak Sharma, a well known name in Hindi Literature to worldwide audience through 'The Tanner's Yard', English translation of her short fiction. This issue also features Voices Within 2020 with 44 poets and our guest editor Gopal Lahiri.


Anurag Sharma
Setu, Pittsburgh ✍️

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