Poetry: Mitali Chakravarty

Mitali Chakravarty

1.From my Window in Singapore

Cries that rise across distant seas
Bring Amphan, locusts, Nisarga
Closer to my hearth
To my heart


I cannot ignore the cries that rise
from Floyd’s wife and his daughter

These are all there — conglomerate
At the back of my mind

Quietly flows the river
Green and calm

The island is like a balm
Tied to the chaos
with frayed bonds of COVID

Will it ever end? This vigil that
has made living
a surreal dream
out of a Daliscape

Mankind writhes in Pain

The island heaves with the ocean’s unrest
A silent prayer
for the hurt, the living

Will we survive?

Where is the sunbeam on the river?
The clouds will part. The cyclones will end.

Mankind will again relearn from the gyre

The oceans will calm.

And the river will continue to flow, quiet and green.

2. Sunset

rainbows that sing
of a sky free
soaring with the colours
of sunset,

in peach and gold,
embracing me in its fold
kissing me
till dyed in night
a moon rises against a
starlit sky

there are no borders
no boundaries
no orders

no sickness
no death

only an eternity where I stretch

3. Quest

Wavering words
afloat in
the boundless blue sky
Soaring, Flying
In quest of eternal lines

Little waves of gold
Flickering against the azure
Riding on clouds of white
Playing with sunrays

Wafting to create
an Eternal Line

A Line that
Will no longer
Be yours or mine
Seal all great divides
One True Line
which will heal all breaches
made by history or Time


Aham brahmasmi*

*I am the Absolute, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

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  1. Excellent poems! Greetings. Ashraful Kabir


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