In Cage: Madhu Sriwastav

Birds fly freely in the sky
Rivers flow freely through the land
Peacocks dance on highways too
But Mama where do I go to play?
It's been months now, I am home
No school to go, no friends to play
Only my phone comes alive for class!!!
Once you would keep it away from me
Now you willfully give it to me
‘You can learn listen watch,
music videos games and what not’
But mama I want to play
In the park with ball and bat
run with friends and hurt my knee
splash the muddy waters free
But am locked in a big cage!
You say outside Corona monsters roam
To attack and pounce on man
Anybody found outdoors!
All animals I saw in zoo
Now Corona came and imprisoned man!

Bio: Madhu Sriwastav is Assistant Professor of English at Bamanpukur Humayun Kabir Mahavidyalaya, West Bengal. She is based in Kolkata. She is a poet, critic, translator, reviewer and short story writer. Her poems have been published in various National and International journals and anthologies such as Setu, GloMag, Borderless Journal, OPA, The Vase, Culture and Diversity, Teesta Review Journal, Borderless Journal etc. She is a performing poet and has read her poems on several National and International Poetry Festivals such as Guntur International Poetry Festival, GIWEC Poetry Festival etc.

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