Poetry: Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar
1. The time is Flying

I felt time was flying, and realized
that I was getting older.

In childhood, I was carefree, and as I aged,
I realized that I had a lot to achieve
in the time allotted to me.

Planning and balance are the keys to having
a healthy relationship with time.

The trick is in riding time and keeping life
in flow with incremental progress.

As we grow older, we are clear on what
we want to achieve in life.

Life becomes more enjoyable as we get
into the groove and start living it well.

How time treats us depends on how we treat
time and ourselves, as we grow older.

If we engage in pleasurable activities, time
will treat us well and will pass pleasantly.

2. My Holi Memories

Holi is a spring festival, which is
celebrated as a mark of victory
of good over evil.

This festival is celebrated to bid
goodbye to winter also.

Holi celebration starts on a full
moon night by lighting a bonfire.

I have many crazy memories
related to Holi festival.

We used to happily play with colors
and water balloons.

I enjoyed Holi a lot especially
 when I was a teenage boy. 

We used to gang up against other
 residents of our society.

My mother would cook mouth-
 watering dishes at home.

I used to wear new dresses and
 visit friends in the evening.

3. A Sheer Bliss

It was a blissful environment as dawn
disappeared and the sun rose smoothly.

I could see the flowers blooming in the garden,
some flowers were pink and some were red.

The entire ground was covered with green
grass and roses had spread their branches.

In the beautiful environment, the tiny water
droplets were creating its own enigma.

The new day was beginning, as if it was a
beautiful environment and was sheer bliss.

I could see the birds hopping, dancing
from one branch to another…spreading
joy with their cheerful chirping.

I saw a pigeon flying towards the tree,
and sitting content on the branch.

It was a garden with its sprawling green
landscape and absolutely clean environment.

People were walking, enjoying the first rays
of the sun, the gentle touch of the breeze
and embracing the cheerful chatter of birds.

4. Eyes of Lovers

A man having small round eyes, like
those of pigeon is said to be having
good judgment.

The one having eyes like those of
a parrot is often referred to as
an opportunist.

Black, larger luminous eyes indicate
the trusting, simple nature of
their owner.

Soft glowing eyes show intelligence
and blue eyes indicate misleading

Eyes of lovers convey volumes to each
other without letting anyone else into
their secrets.

5. Travelling is a break 

Travelling is nothing,
but a welcome break from
a stress-laden work life.

Travelling makes a person wise
and imparts education.

Life is a journey, but it requires
enthusiasm and keen interest.

While travelling, we can make
an effort to acquaint
ourselves with cultural and
social norms.

I travelled to London and enjoyed
the night safari in Singapore.

While traveling, we may
not know the local language,
but we can connect
with people.

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