Kavita Ezekiel Mendonca: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Kavita Ezekiel Mendonca
Manna for the Birds

Finally, after much procrastination
We washed the windows,
Imperfectly, of course, striations still appearing, 
Earlier, we could play noughts and crosses in the dust
Tracing the game with our fingers,
Now, we see the trees clearly,
The whiteness of the snow,
The plump red and grey birds
Pecking furiously at something
Perhaps manna fallen from the heavens
On the snow-covered ground.

A study in focus and concentration,
The birds did not look up
Did not see us, or
The girl taking the video
While she watched, unbreathing.

Suddenly, I felt hungry
Ready to be fed something 
From the hand of God,
The virus relegated to the background.
Snatching moments of beauty from the birds
On troubled days.

Zen Time

Remove the clocks
From your house
Day will still break at dawn
And night will still arrive
With the stars and the silver moon.
The Mayans and the Aztecs
Used sunlight and shadows
To trace
The passage of Time.
Mother called me in for supper
When the shadows lengthened,
She did not need a clock
To tell the time.
Praise to the Creator who made the sun,
The stars, the moon and all the planets
Praise to Him who created Time
Ancient peoples, or mother, could not tell time
Without the Creator’s hands.

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