Mirza Sibtain Beg: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Mirza Sibtain Beg
1.  Love Nature

Love nature, and you’ll love humanity,
Save planet’s environment with impunity,
Sparkling springs, fertile plains serenade with serenity,
Rustling leaves of trees, moon glows with gleeful tenacity.
Nature with its sogginess soothe and spell bind us all,
Conserving beauty and bounty, gives a clarion call,
Enjoy the panoramic peek of snow, wallowing waterfall,
Assuaging with ambrosial burly breeze to swirl and stroll.
Serenades senses with scrumptious song of winter wonderland,
Bask in bowers of blizzard, swivel in snowstorm to stand,
See the primly paens of petrichor with strident strand,
Nature is so profound, mystic, mollifying balmy band.
Don’t hanker after materialism, see gloss of ice jaded hill,
Mellow down under the epiphany of twirling trees’ thrill,
Fall for the feisty falling leaves, blowing breezy shrill,
The heart will leap with hues of peahen’s quixotic quill.
Wade through the spring’s sprightly dappled flairs,
Florescent, flailed with claret and livid flowers,
Meandering in spiralling pathways mellowing wonders,
Hammocks jaded with hobbling herbs with tranquil tenors.
Save the nature, strengthen the leverage of life,
Cut short carbon consumption to diminish strife,
The deadly virulent viruses honing edge of knife,
Cut hopes of life into pieces, rise to save wildlife.

2. Tulips
Spring brings blizzard of beautiful tulips,
Heart turns funambulist with feisty flips,
Breeze blows serenading senses’ strips,
Florists’ parched joy glimmer with gossamer tips.
Tulips are perennial herbaceous flowers,
Attired in rainbow of enchanting colours,
Flamboyant and pulchritudinous unfold stars,
Scarlet, pink, white, golden, purple heal scars.
Tulips are haute harbingers of love,
Red tulips radiate ail of amatory love,
Purple petals remit royalty’s glow,
White for peace, yellow joyous snow.
 Weensy reflection of nature’s bountifulness,
 Tulips devour dulcetly dragons of pensiveness,
 Adduce ancilla, acropolis, monsella’s gaudiness,
 Davenport, Fosteriana, Shirley flaunts feistiness.
Boon brighten up cosmos with grace and fragrance,
Brings auburn smile with its healing nonchalance,
Resurrects glee with its regal rustic resplendence,
Polymorphously panders potential with piquance.

3. Honey Bees

Bees are God’s meek melliferous messengers,
Dewlapped in divinity are primly pollinators.
Trained from heaven tread in straight-line,
Food of angels, for human alimental beeline.
Gyrating gracious species angelic for food production,
Sustain ecology by pollinating flowers with elation.
Mansion is their honeycomb mosaic in hexagons,
With electuary wax, placate peers, glisten torrones.
Bees bright vigils shine on nectary flowers, and trees,
Basked in polarised ultra violet light for ambrosial squeeze.
At their sight flowers sing and petals dance,
Angels wait for Melrose’ taste and trance.
Wallow in swarms, are feisty and ferocious protectors,
Armed with spike with porcupine’s prance remit colours.
Bees are adept communicators with pheromous form,
Channelize data, promulgate others with sling of storm. 
Young bees serve sentinels maraud moonshine of dirt,
Swarm safeguard the floodgates of hives and alert.
The queen reigns in royal robe, other females adorn colony,
Drones saltates for nuptial flight, others ferret food and alimony.
Ecology is nurtured with mellifluous sapient species,
Pollinates flowers of nuts, fruits, melon and berries.
Honeybees are more defensive than aggressive,
Sail salvage assails to flowers, prompt to be primitive.
Save them by chucking sprinkling of pesticides,
Fairies of sea of cosmos, fluoresce with its strides.
My heart dances with desire to become an apiarist,
Harvest honey flowers, honey’s sapidity will persist.

4. Falling in Love with Nature in the Morning

I fell in love with sublime beauty of Nature,
Felt pleasure signifying God’s signature,
Aroused the feelings of joy, mirth and rapture,
Will cherish celestial charming thrill treasure.
The transverse streams of waterfall turned me rapturous,
Serenity serenaded senses, fragrance of flowers joyous,
Daffodils, Rosemary, jasmine, dandelions made amorous,
The golden sun rays flashed feistiness flailed zealous.
I waded through the boughs and trunks of swinging tree,
Enjoyed the thrilling tranquillity, wind creating stimuli,
Imaginations soar high in sky, buttered up to be carefree,
Trees were swirling and singing songs with gay and glee.
Birds, butterflies, and insects started to flutter in gaiety,
The breeze began caressing, ambience acquiesced serenity,
Pall of gloom gone, peace poured in silvery ingenuity,
Dewlapped petals of rose heralded a dawn of deep satiety.


Reforestation is necessary to better the planetary health,
Ecosystem will strengthen to foster mankind, and wealth.
Trees are support system of homo sapiens’ life,
Supply oxygen, water, food, and diminish strife.
They heal and balm ailments and woes,
Stabilize soil to deride erosion with hues.
They supple sustenance to diverse species,
Absorb carbon from cosmos, delight with delicacies.
The more saplings if we plant,
Climate will smoothen and chant.
Trees stems symbiosis with micro- organism in the soil,
Fungi foster trees to capture carbon to feed them and recoil.
Since the inception of civilization trees truncated heartlessly,
This nosedive nestled climate change extinct species ruefully.
Restoration of ecosystem will reap dividends,
Trees will entrench fertility, water storage in strands.
Restoration of the forests will solidify and satiate universe,
Give shelter to countless species percolate particles from disperse, 
We witness rich quiver trees, dragon trees decline aghast,
Shrivelling of Baobabs, Bristlecone pipe, Banyan’s fast.
A global planting of trees will mitigate climate change,
Through carbon sequestering, earth turn into paradise range.
Trees’ fungi omens drought and insects’ threat,
Trees transfer carbon heaps to sever floodgate.

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