Young Talents: Taruraj Attli: Why I Write

Pen is mightier than sword, a proverb which we all have read and learnt growing up. But if you really think about it, search its deeper meaning, you’ll realize that indeed, it’s the cardinal truth. Knowledge is power and this power is propagated through a pen. Knowledge can topple regimes, overthrow the mightiest of dictators and crumble the most powerful governments. Ultimate power lies in the hands of the people and once the people are armed with knowledge, they become a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve always felt empathetic towards innocent children who fall victims to senseless conflicts, incompetent governments and selfish oligarchs. That is why I write stories about children who witness horrors that no human ever should. There are countless articles and journalistic point of views towards such conflicts but I’ve always felt fictional stories that touch reality can have a powerful impact on the society. We are so used to tragedies around us that a news article is just reduced to a headline, a number or just plain statistics but stories have potential to make their way directly to hearts and minds, a good story can stay with you for a lifetime. This is why I chose to write, perhaps my stories might make an impact or perhaps they might not. Nonetheless, I will keep writing with the hope that one day this beautiful world is a safe, just and joyous place for every man, woman and child.

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