Ermelinda Makkimane (Colours of Love and Barriers)

Ermelinda Makkimane
Ermelinda Makkimane lives in a tiny village on an island in the smallest state in India. She has self-published two books of exquisite verse retelling stories of Biblical women. She is an Emotional Wellness Coach and NLP practitioner in addition to being a poet, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. 


it's raining green
so green it hurts
my eyes, they
were already smarting
from your words, and
those of your dad's
why do I get caught
in the crossfire always? 
only, this fire is different, more, 
should I say, colorful? 
no, this is not sarcasm
why how can i be sarcastic
looking at you sleep
your 12-year old self
who's they/them/their now
no longer him
where's the umbrella
of protection
when i need it

and you murmur
and turn in your sleep
i shrink back
it's you who need
an umbrella
i'll be that umbrella
for you

Rainbow is me... 

the sky reflects my
heart, which I wear
on my sleeve
vibrant shades
i'm closeted no more
i'll flaunt me
I'll step out 
i'm afraid no more
of failing, of falling
of being who i'm not
so bring on the questions, 
i'm ready:
who do you say that i am? 

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