Jaime Speed (Colours of Love and Barriers)

Jaime Speed
Jaime Speed (she/her) lives, works, and plays in Saskatchewan, Canada. A fan of reading, gardening, throwing weights, and dancing badly, she has recently been published in The Rat’s Ass Review, Hobo Camp Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, OyeDrum Magazine, Global Poemic, Psaltery & Lyre, Channel, New Feathers Anthology, The Wild Word, They Call Us, Eunoia Review, Flora Fiction, Neologism Poetry Journal, The Whorticulturalist, and The Pine Cone Review, along with collections by Ship Street Poetry, Gnashing Teeth Publications, White Stag Publishing, and Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Her prose poetry was selected for Best Small Fictions 2021 by Sonder Press.

The friendship bracelet

like goodbad
    or was it badgood

or laugh our ribs
into toughness

C’s mom doles out cans of Sprite
but our fridge’s stocked
with Choose Up & stirred
iced tea, pickled eggs shelled
in tinfoil

or run the grain
elevator’s wingspan
cut like the sideways wind
hands cupping each other’s hands
wrists jangling

mom makes vareniki
with schmaundt fat & strawberries
but C stirs it into glop on the plate
says her grandmother doesn’t make perogies
like this

10 year olds armed with Nerf guns
stick em up

C’s mom writes us off
a note & we saunter cool, trying
to look careless walking back into town
with her cigarettes
& our scuffed knees

we learn how to hide

our crop tops under layers

of safekeeping

the little blue ones fill
our tummies with warm heart
beats swallowed whole
like seeds

some friendships have a touch
of magic
hiding in bathroom stalls
during recess

the sign for $1.99
fresh blueberries
on the edge of town
splintered wood

or night snack we rummage
mom’s cabinet & pantry for the secret
telling nights of who falls
asleep first
who leads
the prayer

I like her cold wrists, the best friend
& medic alert bracelets
hallmarks of her bravery, insistent
as church bells are
counting on a lifetime

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