Angela Thompson (Freedom 2022)

Angela Thompson

You’re above everything    
leaning into your 
New Laws, imposing 
monetarily on    
preoccupied pawns 
upholding promise         
carefully versing  
considering your  

Cruel self-confidence   
how your fervent sect  
produces your cold,  
zealous negligence  

wields unseen weapons 
upon workers and 
children: how dare you 
now descend on
you created.    

Diverted Potential

Days open like blooms 
while no clouds overcast 
plans: set dreams, seeds 
when whetted rise aspiration  
but give way, dampened 
by forceful assertion 
wielding passionate disregard 
as if saving grace weren’t 
mercy— kindness of humanity
which humbly extends 
hands to meet need 
without cajoling.

Free Play: Last Decades

snuck cigarettes taste     
laughter inside cracked windows
fallen leaves crackle

under hidden feet 
twenty inches from our chins
outside, feeling cold 

below windowsill 
flatware clanging, dinner smells 
like winter coming 

time, figments passing  
twenty years plus ten  
autumn has arrived 

Bio: Angela is an experienced freelance writer and editor from the United States. Presentation, perception, and language drive her professional and creative works, the latter which seek to encourage enthusiasm for nature, diversity, and acceptance. She resides in the Southwestern U.S. with her marriage partner, where they dream of travels after retirement.
Ms. Thompson can be reached via direct message @CaTxAng

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