Antonia Wang (Freedom 2022)

Antonia Wang 
Broken Radar

Every bloom is a feast to the hungry bees.
They don’t mind that we haul them
to the almond fields.
Every flower gets a kiss.

Latitude is not freedom
without nectar.

Words revolt against a thought
unwinding from unknown spools,
the broken radar beats
a borrowed compass.

Who will survey the haunted forest
if not the lost,
the ones who can see the riddles
in the falling mist
and hear the clarion calls of wings
that will someday become extinct?

Only for a Breath

Silence shudders before the wind. 
My pores stand in attention
to the waking beat.

I took pictures of a ram
settling disputes for the drove. He is still
a sheep.

But I am ether, grass and sea—
a fractal of a mountain
in the amalgamated ridge,

a complete tomorrow
when the moment still exists.
I am dispersed and collected,

in uncompromising dawns
that fade and last as long as I live.
I am free.

Southern Home

This home creeps around me a mile a minute.
It covers my face until I morph
into the Earth Goddess (with an outstretched hand,
spewing water).

It bears roots before it chokes me
between the windows and misgivings.
I trip on the encroaching vines
and touch can feel like cuffs on breathless mornings.

It once smelled like joy, so I jellied 
racemes of blossoms. I pickled the leaves,
made soup with the oblong roots
for as long as my hands could move.

Paralysis. I can’t see the sun. The green 
in my irises has dulled and winter is hopes away.
By then, I’ll be gone. I’ll be a wisp, 
an apparition, a Southern ghost.

Bio: Antonia Wang is a foodie, poet, and yogi born in the Dominican Republic. She is the author of Love Bites, In the Posh Cocoon, Hindsight 2020, Retrospectiva 2020, and Palette. Her poetry has been featured in various literary magazines and anthologies. She writes in English and Spanish and lives in the United States. Connect with her on social media @tuttysan.

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