David Garcia (Freedom 2022)

David Garcia
Taking Liberty
I wrote the words
That burned & ached
Down within my bones
I held my tongue
But it was my pen that ran
As ink flowed with freedom
Releasing all the syllables
That were stuck in my mouth
Barren within my throat, like an arid desert
My writing Filled those blank pages
That looked like white wings
Wanting to take flight
Taking liberty…
To all the words I wanted to say
The one’s I kept hidden, deep inside

You smiled –
While pouring gasoline
Over my written words
Striking a match
To silence my voice
You only know – one way
Stroking a broad brush
Having everything whitewashed
No room for others
To be seen
Or even heard
Freedom for you
Is not equally doled out
If you’re a minority –
Like me…

Over the years
The house grew colder
Each tick of the clock
Built more bars
On this gilded cage
Like a net getting tighter
A constraint with no escape
Anxiety can be deliberating
Freezing one in place
Mental blocks are harder
Physically unseen
Remaining behind a closed door
May feel like a sentence
But there’s a hidden key
The locks turn from within
And freedom is always within reach    

Bio: David Garcia is currently residing in New Jersey. Going out to photograph
nature, observing & gaining inspiration for his poetry. David has been writing
poetry for about a year, pairing his photos with poetry on Twitter. Recently some
of his poems were accepted and posted on the site Masticadores.USA

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