Kellasandra Ferrara (Freedom 2022)

 Kellasandra Ferrara
90 / For You…

in the corners of your world
am I allowed to hear your voice
if I scream loud enough
even to run out of breath
every time

am I allowed to see you
watching thru windows
of glass that is stained
with reflections of red lights
am I allowed to hold you
if I reach out for your hand
will the door still be open
to walk thru a thousand lives

maybe someday, this stillness and peace
maybe someday, the brave melodies will be willing to speak
maybe someday, the fragments will become whole once again
maybe someday, the reflection will smile back

in the corners of my world
this is my choice
you don't have to ask
if the yellow brick road is followed
if we can see over the rainbow
if the chorus is remembered
and in my most beautiful imagination
this dream has not yet ended
for you
40 / A Free Love…
when can it be
acceptable to recognize
how warm a heart can be
for a pure love
a lifetime is really not long at all
to live wholeheartedly for once
to burn, just once
when will it be
permissible to realize
our existence is just a short while
to laugh, to dream, to live, to love
to remember, to forget, to regret
with the courage to disregard everything else
to pursue such a love
when should it be
tolerable to memorize
these measured thoughts
to live without fear
to love without an end
today's destiny should be that
can love be that, just for today?

27 / Election Day…
how to begin again
as one, together
we can't fully embrace each other’s realities
if we choose not to remember, such a beautiful lie
we can learn to humbly show the truths hidden in tall tales
we can acknowledge the need for emancipation
and not be defeated by these missteps
maybe in our implicit prayers
maybe in our silent testimony
we can choose to be a little more

Bio: Kellasandra Ferrara is a former restaurateur and baker who’s been jotting down recipes, lyrics & musings forever but finally decided to subject herself onto an unwilling audience.  The current offerings of Poetry are mostly Heartbreak and
Lost Love, the Novel is a Crime Thriller, and the Short Story is a Supernatural
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