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Sunita Pant Bansal

Brave Harry

Harry the green grasshopper lived near a park with his mother. They went to the park every evening.

While Harry swung on colourful swings and slid down the tall slides, his mother read a book under a rosebush.

Sometimes Harry’s friend Lily the red ladybird also came to the park to play with him.

One day Harry’s mother was busy and could not go with him.

“Harry, I am sure you can go to the park alone. You are old enough to look after yourself now.”

Harry agreed and went to the park alone.

Lily was there, waiting for him. She and Harry had a good time, as usual.


Ben the yellow honeybee also joined them in their games.

What a merry ride the three of them had on the merry-go-round!

In the end, Harry wanted to swing on his favourite blue swing, one last time.


Just before Harry could sit on the swing, Sammy the pink snail came and pushed him on the ground!


“Ouch! That hurt!” Harry turned around to see a large bulky snail grinning at him wickedly.

Sammy was too big in size for Harry to fight. So, he just got up, dusted himself and went home.

Harry’s friends left too.

Sammy continued to bully Harry for many days.

Every time Harry went to the swings or the slide or even the merry-go-round, Sammy would sneak up from behind and push him.

Poor Harry! Even Lily and Ben could not help. Sammy bullied them too.

One day, while Harry, Lily and Ben were playing hide-and-seek in the park, it started raining.

C-RR-A-C-K!!  C-RR-A-S-H!!

“Run!” The lightning and thunder scared the little ones and they ran looking for shelter.

“Whew!” They managed to reach a shed outside the park just in time before the rain became too heavy.

Oh no! Naughty Sammy couldn’t run fast and got stuck in a drain!

The water in the drain started to rise and Sammy started to panic.

“Help!” Sammy cried out loud. But, the little ones were scared that they would drown if they went out to help him.

Just then, Harry quickly grabbed a twine and ran towards the drain.

Harry threw one end of the twine towards Sammy.

“Hold the end of the twine. I will pull you out,” he said.

Sammy grabbed the twine tightly. Harry tried to pull, but he couldn’t!

Seeing Harry’s brave act, his friends rushed to help him. Within no time they pulled out Sammy from the drain.

Sammy was extremely grateful to Harry. “Thank you, dear friend, for saving my life!”

“I have been troubling you all, yet you have been so kind to me. I’m really very sorry for my behaviour. Please forgive me. We will be best friends from now!”

From then on, Sammy stopped bullying little creatures.

Harry, Lily, Ben and Sammy spent their evenings playing happily together in the park. If anyone got into trouble, the others reached out to help… 


Bio Note: Sunita Pant Bansal

Sunita Pant Bansal is a natural storyteller, weaving stories around everything she sees. She also loves to demystify Hindu scriptures, showing their relevance and application in today’s times. Sunita has been writing for four decades and has authored more than a thousand books for children ranging from preschool to high school. She believes in educating young minds through stories. A prolific writer, Sunita has also penned twenty-five books for adults and young adults on folk literature and mythology. Her books sell in multiple languages globally.


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