A torpid tale: Debarati Sen

Debarati Sen
(Love in the time of plague)

A torpid tale of stoic eyes.
That dared to love even amidst a ravaging 'plague'.
An almanac of bruises hanging from the timbre wall.
Sunken shoulders bearing the burden of 
a solivagant journey.
Her spirit pulverized after every Armageddon! 
The Gods were returning home that night
after making her life a veritable Golgotha.
dismembered desires were
strewn across trenches of apathy.
That actuated the olfactory of a bloody stench. 
The stench of dead flesh
In a country cursed with a deadly epidemic.
She bit her lips and chewed the storm
That carried the grey wraith of paranoia.
Her bosom filled with the cries of her beloved.
She fondled his wounds and fed his blood clots with thrombolytic dreams.
Some day this town will be free from its vitriolic sins.
As she rose from the ashes like Lazarus
She wore her love as armor against the scourge.
She prayed to the tenebrious night
To obfuscate her soul within her stygian womb.
Infernal flames churning pallid thoughts 
burnt the synodic period of love and death.
A metric to her woe was calibrated.
A rusty dawn was born from the night's womb
suturing her wounds with the first sunbeam.
From the clouds fell the 'Raining Stars' 
and the Aldebaran of her spirit shone bright in the Hyades cluster.
Life in the time of the plague was no easy affair!

Bio: Recipient of the ‘POIESIS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN POETRY -2023’, Tagore Award 2022 and the Sylvia Plath Women's Literary Award, Debarati is a bilingual poet from Kolkata. She has published two solo poetry collections and has contributed to more than 10 anthologies. She is a regular contributor of her poems to prestigious websites and magazines like The Antonym, The Yugen Quest Review, The Kolkata Arts, Lapis Lazuli, The Madras Courier, The Sindh Courier, The Piker Press, Chakkar, Kabitalive, to name a few. She has been invited by Samyukta Poetry and Women Empowered Poetry to read her poems. She is also an independent researcher in the genre of Disability Studies and has published National and International articles on the same. Her article titled, “Women and Disability: A Double-Edged Sword” has been published in Law Mantra (International Journal of Legal Research and Governance, (ISSN: 2321-6417). 

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