Naina Dey
The Peace Anthem  

Live in peace
Find peace in smiles
In good deeds
Find peace in truth
in a world of greed 

Peace is the balm
for hearts that bleed
Let us strive 
for a world at peace
And strife will wither
like rotten leaves

The Peaceful Life of Purr and Wag

Purr and Wag were quite a lot
They watched politics and fought and fought
They fought the neighbourhood cats and dogs
Over garbage bins and mutton chops.

Snoop shows were their next best thing
Of secret doors and poisoned pins
By family feuds they were most inspired
Paramours versus wives and trials by fire.

The whole day long they gnashed their teeth
And slyly filched each other’s feed
From dawn to dusk their owners wept
As neighbours cursed above their heads.

But Purr and Wag snored blissfully 
Life went on just perfectly.

Dr. Naina Dey is a critic, translator and a widely anthologized creative writer. She has authored books on critical studies, translations and has three volumes of poetry.
She was awarded the “Excellence in World Poetry Award, 2009 by the
International Poets Academy, Chennai and was among a team of young Indian
writers felicitated jointly by Sahitya Akademi and Visva-Bharati University in 2010. She is currently functioning as Eastern Zonal Secretary of The Shakespeare Society of India, New Delhi. She is the concept creator of the literary and artistic organ Chamunda’s  Dream.

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