Poetry: Jyotirmoy Sil

Jyotirmoy Sil
fragments on the wallaby track

You’d be amazed to see how the oak leaves scatter
resemble silhouette of a quiet liar;
Or slender curve of crimson flowers;
as if a boy chasing after strange sculptures,
and reeling over unspoken bargains.

Even when leaves sway in autumn breeze
deep down he's blue;
dilemma of a night cat
smell of a purple blanket,
choking mathematics.

On the carrier of a green bicycle
a radio is playing a dirge—
'autumn breeze is soothing for those
who feels beauty lies
in ceasing fires.'


While strolling along narrow past-roads—
sense wind carrying
fleeting seeds of thistle
her hazel hair raves snare,
stretches the feelings like kite strings
Myth of an ephemeral sylph
—tale of an ethereal orality;
hear echoes of enchanted minds
with conclave desires;

her white scarf
upon the map—
between tropical green
and desert murmur pale,
my Orion drowned
letters mortgaged.

Only the Spring is to blame
for this sombre raaga;
and amidst waves of numb eyes
I'm nowhere to be found.


ripples in Wular 
hold their tales of
diffused sublimation;
camphor smell
in quivering moonlight.

booming sounds of popular Bollywood tunes
like a cursed town taken over
or curfew on a winter night;

segments of disoriented psalms—
here divine erodes
like pretentious ceramics
with each whisper.

(Tashari' is an Iraqi word referring to a shot from a hunting rifle which is scattered in several directions.)

Bio: Jyotirmoy Sil is a dilettante poet. Presently he is an Assistant Professor of English in Malda College, West Bengal. His English poems have been published in Muse IndiaMadras CourierSpillwords, and International TimesSetu: Bilingual MagazineYearbook of Indian Poetry in English 2021Boundless 2022: the Anthology of the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival.


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