Three Poems by Atrayee Kashyap

Atrayee Kashyap

Draping a form-fitting emerald satin
Clicking of her black heels echoing 
Dangling the pink hobo bag
nothing but her money and mascara
Her shoulders slouched, she sighed
‘I’m right as rain,’ she lied.

Her eyes trailed from the worn pavement
to the neon orange of Astro’s 
Instinctively, she stepped in
Starry night evolved into a trance
Sifting through sweaty figures
Her frame swaying, disheveled hair
Poising a cig and whisky, she exhaled
Revering a ship of freedom, she sailed. ++


The car freewheeled over
the cobbled slope like a skier
and halted at what seemed a boulevard
Stores and eateries sprawled across the Mall Street
Bustling bodies topping off their deeds.

The street ahead parted in two
Each jammed with engrossed vendors
and tourist-packed antique shops
The breeze carried a radiant wave
Clangs of the giant prayer wheels,
drifting in a rhythmic flow
Backdrop being the gleamy peak with a 
hint of snow.

We strolled through the market
Each of us with a bag of assorted items
Jaded, yet we gazed skyward.
In contrast to the clay-greyed dusk
The golden lights of Jimmy’s were warm
and homey.
Smitten by the lingering aroma
we were swept down the stairs and 
into the mellow music,
Devouring delicacies and swaying gleefully 
with every lyric. ++


Cherry Blossoms sway in Ballet
Freely floating, blissfully breathtaking
The pink subliming into peace
It breathes in, it breathes out.

Bald heads adorning red and saffron
Calm composure, serving shoulder
Chiming the bells, prayer wheels in hand.
The melody ornamenting the aura
It breathes in, it breathes out.

The dragons in the sacred walls
Blazing strength in the air
Fading fears, tranquil tears
The gleamy snow in the peaks
Pouring the shine upon the valley.

A pink petal passed my eye
Embracing my palm delicately
Feather-light freedom, blooming blossom
A piece of Monet’s artwork
I breathe in, I breathe out. ++

Bio: Atrayee Kashyap is a student of medical science with a keen interest in arts and literature. She loves a bit fantasy and thrilling writings. In her passionate poems she splashes those flavours elegantly. She has started her journey as a poet very modestly though she has already published her debut book “Tales of Blue Hills” with 25 amazing stories of some prominent hill tribes of Northeast India that can be found in Amazon and Flipkart.   

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