Poetry: Diya Baral

Diya Baral
Man vs. trees
      Life manifests itself
       In dynamic motion.
       Everything moves.
       Subatomic particles,
      Planets, stars, galaxies.
     However, trees apparently 
            Don’t move.
      They seem to be static.
        Their movement are
     Upwards and downwards
           And gradual.

          Grand old trees
      Are inseparable entities
         Of Mother Nature
       Like mountains, rivers.

           In our backyard,
     We have some big trees,
  Mango, Coconut, Jackfruit, Wood Apple.
       Land greedy people 
        Try to convince us
       To build skyscrapers
              We refuse…
         We refuse silently.
   Our world inside crumbles.

       Trees are vanished…
     In front of our eyes!
     We couldn’t protest;
    We couldn’t resist our emotions!

Development means concretization.
  Buildings, roads, and bridges…
All are at the cost of trees,
Brutal deforestation is paving the way.
 Of unbearable summer, super cyclone. 
  The future of my planet
     Is at stake!

A conscious tree

If a man cut the branches,
   A tree will feel 
   The extreme pain.
     But as a tree,
     It can’t protest. 
If a man uproots brutally,
     It can’t complain.

On the branches of a tree,
      Insects slither,
    Birds create nests.
           As a tree,
     It can feel the air.

     A conscious tree
   Can acquire things,
With its hereditary tolerance,
   Its pains and sufferings
   Are unnoticed totally!

      A conscious tree 
  Has no nervous system.
           But still,
  It can feel the emotions.
But a man can also feel
The pain and suffering of a tree.
   If a man sings a song
       A tree can feel
.   The song of nature,
  Which helps in the synchronization,
For the existence of a tree’s life.
   A tree, a conscious tree,
     Can feel it very well.

I find peace in nature

      I want to flee now
       From the city,
 From the sounds and disturbances of
     Huge cars and vehicles.
    I want to flee now 
  From the polluted areas,
        Since I see the
  Smoke from the factory!

           I want to go
  Where the greenery is.
I want to climb the branches
       Of the huge trees.
I want to feel the beauty of nature,
     Where the birds sing,
And the music of nature echoes.
         I want to sit
        Beside a river.
       I want to swim,
Which is serene and sanct.
  I want to feel the unpolluted atmosphere,
 Even I want to listen the cricket’s song.

          I will go to  
       Walk on the soil,
       And plant the seeds
For the fresh fruits and vegetables,
 And sit and feel the essence of nature!

           I can’t feel
   The existence of my life,
  If I live in concretized life!
          It feels that,
        I will not survive
In the less amount of oxygen!
    So, I want to flee now 
   From the worst city life,
   And escape to greenery,
 The smell of pure nature
 Will enter my city lungs.

Bio: Diya Baral is currently pursuing master’s in English literature at Rishi Bankim Chandra College under West Bengal State University. She loves to write poems and articles. Her poems and articles got published in both online and offline mode. Her some of the poems published in ‘Setu Bilingual Magazine (September 2022)’, ‘Ode to A Poetess,’ ‘Poetry Unites: An Anthology of Verse,’ ‘Youthful Elegies: Echoes of a New Generation,’ etc. She has also presented papers in seminars.


  1. Well written. Resonance of nature in your poems is very much captivating.

  2. Deceptively simple and thought provoking. Marvellous.

  3. Feeling really good that youngsters like you are so much concerned about nature. Very well written indeed, Diya.


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