Poetry: Joan McNerney

Joan McNerney


Big azaleas red pink purple
azaleas shaking in morning sun
as children call children to play.

Oozing from thick bushes delicately
perfumed azaleas glorious azaleas
bees spinning spinning spinning.

Children singing out names while
chameleons crawl in shining grass
lustrous azaleas bright satin.

Azaleas gleaming azaleas starlings

slip from branch to branch gliding to
bushes stretching red pink purple.



Divine purple wild wisteria
vines of flowery grapes growing
on branches wrapping tree trunks
enormous moon blooms delirious

Wild mild wisteria wondrous
aromas falling idly from ferns
winding wandering through winds.

Wisteria purple white mysterious
lisping whispering softly luminous
as raindrops sparkle upon blossoms
enormous wisteria star lights delirious.


Pink Begonias

Bees glide and lovers stroll
through the park gardens
this long weekend.
Clouds stretching the horizon
as a young man skates by.

The air fills with oranges while
guitars strum soft songs and
children skip in perfect rhythm.
Bright pink begonias
begonias everywhere.
You kiss kiss my lips again again
always begonias begonias
growing bigger every minute.


Live Oak Boughs

Boughs build archways as tips
of trees touch each other. What
was shaded green becomes
nocturnal shadow. A crescent moon
hangs from heaven. Light tracing
leaves falling dropping deep

in the quiet garden.

Secrets lie within edged shadows.
Animals hide under darkness
resounding through night
as leaves rustle. All changing
except this pattern of what
is now formed.


That Long Afternoon

The air became heavy wiping
willows along skyline.
Blue jays sped to bushes
startled by thunder.

Rain drops linger on face
cascading arms
falling from fingers.
Lying on lips now
precious cool.

We listen to rain
caressing flower beds.
Circles of water
spreading wider wider
laden with moist
scents of summer.



Bio: Joan McNerney has been the recipient of three scholarships. She has recited her work at the National Arts Club, New York City, State University of New York, Oneonta, McNay Art Institute, San Antonio and the University of Houston, Texas. Published worldwide in over thirty five countries, her work has appeared in literary publications too numerous to mention. Four Best of the Net nominations have been awarded to her. The Muse in Miniature, Love Poems for Michael and At Work are available on Amazon.com. A new release entitled Light & Shadow explores the recent historic COVID pandemic.

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