Attila Elüstün (Turkey)

Exclusive: European poetry: Curated by Agron Shele
Attila Elüstün (Turkey)

He is the second son of a teacher mother and civil servant father. He was born on 16/08/1961 in Ankara. He had his primary, secondary and High school education there. He had to postpone his education because of the worst period in Turkey; political, economic and political   chaos.
Then they moved to Istanbul with his family. Since primary school he was interested in literature, significantly poetry and was involved in various activities and educational studies.
Some of his poems were published in various literature magazines e.g.: Sair Cikmazi Dergisi-Dead End Poets Society Magazine, Yalin Ayak Dergisi-Bare Foot Magazine, Yasayan Yarin Edebiyat Dergisi-Living Darling Literature Magazine, because of the economic crises are not making profit he carries on working.
He has two sons Halit Dogus and Mustafa Baris and Atilla addresses them as his treasures. Atilla is a very humble person and leads a modest life.

A vagrant poem

flying in the mountains to the mountains
freedom is in between the bird’s beak
drop by drop presented
the wind is blowing reddish hair
of the pine trees
eyes are gravel at the horizon
at the tides of life
with undaunted hearts
running around from the plains
as if clawing our ears
Buzzards are screaming
‘bastards have laid an ambush’
and played irrational games which never came to mind
deadlocks and mistakes
how many more times will suffer
human dignity how many?
if escapes from the linseed garden
fresh bodies will be saved from being sold
woman girls and boys from execution, harassment and rape
I will write if I catch
a vagrant poem
galloping and throwing javelin in my brain.
Where is humanity? (for Syrian child Omran with perseverence)

Child has wiped his face
Looked at human’s face
Slapped the truth
He said
The human is not even a piece of shit.

You are my everything
For my wife

I love you with the fluster of the news of my first child
Like my mother and father
As a friend as best friend
Like a sunrise
And sunset
Like blossoming spring flowers
a full moon on top of my sky
I love you as you are
With my everything
And with all I have

Every moment
Always loved and I will love you
As I am.


its sword in hand
the night
is approaching me
on my mind…
the grey hair of my battle
and my loneliness
it’s the lovesick season
the pen fell in love with the paper
the agony on my guitar
on my tongue
your favourite/that
melancholy tune
my dream a pensive duck

as the hours struggle
i freeze…you

 Translation by: Günsel Djemal

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  1. Very good poems and translation work. Well done my friends.
    Nimet Çetiner


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