PS Conway (Freedom 2022)

PS Conway
frozen isolation 
i yawn as i gaze
out frosty window
panes, in my barless
cage, my resident
i recall freedom
as snow flaps like wings
on the breeze, mocking
my flightless, helpless
i breathe unseen steam,
blooming gray like clouds
on clear skies while i
inscribe your name in
i whisper soft prayers
your spirit roams free
knowing you suffered,
died, alone in frozen

the edicts of your Imperium have left me
excommunicated in caliginosity
stranded on the dark side of the moon
staring into the endless cold of the Void
no view to Earth to see the decimation
of your fevered fervor demanding submission
no freedom to think only blind obedience
to the will of your demons masking as gods
for you to choose servitude above our love
has shattered my glass soul into tiny shards
cracked and decompensated sentenced to death
soul hissing through my helmet into vacuum
yet as the stars dance before my sleepy eyes
oxygen levels red and alarming
i dream of your lips against mine warm and full
i weep with joy at memories of what once was
while your faithful soldiers bound slowly toward me
across the barren moonscape my heart quiets
silent like the tender arms of my new goddess
as her dark energy pulls me forth among the stars
away from surveillance
in dark damp catacombs
blood’s fetor pervades
we dare light a candle
away from all edicts
of men appointed judge
of men anointed god
we share the pale light
away from time’s regrets
softly recall freedom
weep at our servility
and dare recall choice

Bio: PS Conway returned to poetry in 2020 after a long hiatus from writing. Since then, his words have attracted an ardent online community of readers. And, to date, numerous books and anthologies have published his poetry. PS finds fascination in language birthed from dark, literate, and emotive places. In his free time, PS fancies himself a rockstar, jamming on his drumkit, and a wannabe sommelier, savoring Napa cabernets with his wife Susan.

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