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Waheeda Hussain

"A zebra married a doe,
And wanted her to wear stripes for a show.
She did not yield to his demand,
And refused his command.
And ran away with her deer Joe.”

"On the day the queen lost her crown
Her brow wrinkled into a permanent frown
In a fit of anger
With a clangour
She ran in her chamber and had a breakdown. 

“There was a donkey
Who was swanky.
He walked the aisle
With grace and poise.
And allured his bride, Jenny.”

“An Elephant married an Ant
And they chose to live in a tent.
A storm came down one morn
And their abode was all gone.
Now poor Elephant lives with in- laws and laments day and 

“There was a jolly good fellow in New Jersey
Who lived on his wife's mercy.
Earning he had none
Never any work for living he had done.
He was known by the name Hen pecked Percy.”

BIO Note: Waheeda Hussain

Waheeda Hussain is a Blogger, an Editor and a Poet from Jabalpur, India. She is a Senior School teacher by profession and her experience of teaching in school spans over twenty-three years.  She has a passion for writing short stories and poetry. She is also very active on different social media platforms and had  won many awards and appreciation certificates. She has co-authored 14 National and International Anthologies and her poems have been published in many ezines. She is an editor of e- magazine Brahmand and Editor of Collection of poems Shajar ke Chaon Tale - The Poets Scribbles' and गूँज- Breaking the Shackles.


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