Two Poems: Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma

1. Aftermath

Last time when it rained,
It flooded everywhere I could see.

Tall trees were deep into water
The street turned into a mighty river.

The storm shook my house
The flood washed away my office.

I was homeless and jobless
And used a boat instead of my car.

Now when the rain is gone
Far-far away from me.

Leaving no drop of water
Anywhere around me.

Not a single cloud in sight
I long for rain, I really long.

2. Mukti*

Mukti, that is freedom from all kinds of bonds
Memories fading, identities slipping away fast,
A mind once sharp, now confused, in disarray.

A life well-lived, now foggy, fuzzy, hard to recall,
Alzheimer's grip, choking it fast.

Faces once familiar, now complete strangers,
With blurry past, the present is a struggle.

The love remains a constant flame,
A ray of hope, in a bottomless dark pit.

Holding tight, to save sweet memories,
Festivals, dances, parties and celebrations.

Faltering mind, and fading neurons,
Turn a human into a person long gone.

Today we are here, together in unity,
Still somewhere far away in the infinite universe.

*Mukti = Liberation in Sanskrit and other Indic languages

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