Guest Editorial: Scott Thomas Outlar (Western Voices 2020)

Scott Thomas Outlar
I must start off with a huge thank you to Sunil Sharma and Anurag Sharma for inviting me back this year to guest-edit the Western Voices edition of Setu Mag. The dedication they show for their magazine each month is highly commendable, and their intention to serve as a bridge across cultures shines true. It’s always an honor to collaborate and work with Setu.

A debt of gratitude is owed to the forty-five poets who contributed their wonderful words to help make this project possible. Each of their unique voices acts as a lighthouse of inspiration during this critical moment in history that will define what the future of civilization looks like. Just as a muscle must first be broken down before it can grow back in a stronger condition, so too must we pass through this modern crisis of chaos before we emerge in a state of higher order. I believe the spirit of humanity remains resolute and that renaissance is waiting in the wings.

May you live in interesting times. Was that phrase first muttered as a curse or a proverb? Let’s dig up the bones and learn what they sing. And others say that life is what you make it. So I guess we’re now swimming through a prism of perceptions and projections.

We all know the score in the Age of Wuhan. What is there left to say? A world consciousness seized by fear is as virulent as the plague itself. Fortunately, the best salve for troubled times is beautiful art. Luckily, we have discovered a wellspring. Dose up. Drink deep. Sigh pure.

Scott Thomas Outlar 

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  1. Wonderful work and kudos to all. Way to go Scott!

  2. What a pleasure to be part of this fantastic collection of voices. Good work, Scott.


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